I have written and directed more than a dozen stage plays, including a community play in Coventry with a cast of over 50, performed by professional actors and local residents.


Mona latest 25 SepCHAOS CARNAGE and KULTURE

I wrote this theatre piece to be performed at a Farewell celebration of over 100 years of Ruskin College in the city of Oxford. Myself and Helen Mosby, a fine comedy actress, then performed it for two nights at The Simpkins Lee theatre in Oxford. Next London on  Fri Apr 26th at the Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich village, then a week at the Stratford Birthplace Trust as part of the Stratford Fringe Festival, part of the World Fringe Network.

Reviews include the following:  “Excellent night out…surreal and surprising…hilarious, couldn’t stop laughing…beautifully written…see it at all costs…”

“…wonderful evening of surprises. Great wit. Great characters.”
John Hartley, Theatre Producer.

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Dates: 25th/ 26th/ 30th/ 31st May & 1st June
Time: 19:30 – 21:00
Venue: The Wolfson Hall – The Shakespeare Centre, Henley St, Stratford CV37 6QW
Tickets: £6 (£5 Concessions)



Dick S


Dick Spacey is one of the characters in CHAOS CARNAGE and KULTURE.

He is proving popular so I wrote a one man show where I become the character in a bizarre murder case that takes the audience through the arcane weirdness of Dick’s mind, outer space, imaginary landscapes, all in pursuit of the most dastardly villain who may or may not appear.

To book this show, which runs for approx one hour, contact me via this website.





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“New show looks set to become a classic”
Henley Gazette

“Children in the audience were rapt…and there are some witty moments for adults too.”
The Wiltshire Gazette

“It’s a happy romp that will brighten up this particularly bleak winter.”
Newbury Weekly News

“The show introduces children to the importance and benefit of music.”
The Stage

“This is a charming tale of derring-do involving two rather battered puppets who are brought to life and set off on an inter-galactic mission to recover a five-note formula that will restore music to a world suddenly deprived of it.


Steve Attridge’s witty script (heavy on alliteration in the style of Tin Tin’s Captain Haddock) introduces a pantomime element with the involvement of a hissable, shudder-worthy villain in the shape of the Rock Lizard King (Christopher Hawes). This reptilian possessor of “all the riffs” is prepared to help in the hunt for the fomula, but only in exchange for the residue of Duffy’s addled brain.

…two hours of fun which manages to get important messages across about ecology and the like without ever becoming preachy.

Beside the characters already mentioned, there are chuckle-worthy performance from William Oxborrow as a pompous army type and Angela Bain as the tough-nut Space Punk“

Oxford Times



I have other plays available for production, and which I could direct if required, including:

A tough play that moves between British squaddies in Iraq and Blair in his office.

A play about identity theft.

Three women who work in a charity shop and whose lives are changed forever by a coat they try to sell. Murder, mayhem and Macbeth.


Contact me if you wish to know more.