Waking Dreams


‘Waking Dreams’ is a thrilling fantasy thriller that will appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman, William Gibson and Stephen King.


“An amazing journey…mystery and tightly woven plot make this a gripping read…Couldn’t put it down.”

Bottom of the List

Bottom of the List

I’ve worked a lot in universities and wanted to write something about corporate corruption and how it has affected Higher Education in certain areas. Some of the more weird stuff in it is pretty close to the truth. No one has sued me yet but I live in hope.


 “An inspiring new work in a long and successful career.”
The Courier.

“This is the funniest book I’ve read in years. Black comedy with a serious purpose.”
D. Tillett. Waterstones

“Hilarious, irreverent and compelling.”
Tatiana, Flipkart



booksThe Rainbow Animal Hospital

The Rainbow Animal Hospital books were commissioned by Harper Collins and follow the adventures of animal loving Eddie and his dangerously fierce little sister, Kate.

I spent time at several veterinary surgeries doing research for the series. Also met some great animals, including an overactive tortoise who had to be gaffer-taped to the glass for an x-ray.





billyBilly Webb’s Amazing Story

Billy Webb’s Amazing Story began life as Television Drama.






garyGary Lineker’s Football Stories

My story in this is based on my son Jake’s passion for football and his Grandpa who played for Arsenal and England.






The Queen’s Nose covers and The Boot St Band

I wrote two books based on The Queen’s Nose TV series and one on The Boot St. Band.  It’s an interesting process to write TV scripts and then use these as the springboard for a novel.


The big differences include the fact that TV is obviously all about what you see and hear the characters do, whereas in a novel you can explore the inner worlds of characters more, their interiority, and experiment with points of view.