A belief in God is one more example of the monstrous egoism of human beings: to think that we are somehow singled out as a supreme species, Fallen but miraculous, central to the many wheels of infinite space, top of

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Three more nights of my comedy show CHAOS CARNAGE KULTURE at Shakespeare’s Birthplace (Wolfson Hall) this week on Thursday (30), Friday(31) and Saturday(1st).  We arrived last week to discover there are no stage lights and no proper way of entering

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New website. New work. New life. Currently working on a detective novel to tie in with a TV idea. Hope the book will be out this year. BREAKING BAD passed me by for a while but now a devoted fan

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Work and the moan…

  July 2007 THE WORK: Had episode of The Bill on last week, but got the dates wrong so missed it. Just finished script-doctoring a Romanian film script which is to be made this summer. Finished a screenplay about teenage

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January 2008 On the home run of a novel called DreamTown. Then will come the awful moment of sitting back and thinking “Is it any good?” which is more important than wondering if anyone will take it up. I’m still excited

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Reality TV drivel…

May 2009 Television drama plummets further into the doldrums. More contrived “reality” shows and awful celebrity programmes. I guess soon we’ll have The Torture Channel, Cooking for Cannibals, Celebrity Nosepicking Challenge. Ho hum. Just have to carry on and imagine

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