Three more nights of my comedy show CHAOS CARNAGE KULTURE at Shakespeare’s Birthplace (Wolfson Hall) this week on Thursday (30), Friday(31) and Saturday(1st).  We arrived last week to discover there are no stage lights and no proper way of entering /exiting, but with a bit of imagination and help from Charles, a great guy who manages things there, we’ve got it rocking. Sunday night whilst in the middle of a long speech a temporary tooth fell out in my mouth (where else?) and I had to avoid spitting it out. The thespian life, eh?  If anyone out there wants a cheap night out and a laugh do come along. 7.30 pm.  We keep it moving – no long and ponderous RSC stuff that carries on until the bar is closed.


I have been a professional writer for 20 years. I wrote poetry, then stage plays, then radio work, then fiction, and TV and Film scripts, including adaptations of novels. It all connects – poetry helps you to think visually and to use words economically, both helpful for Film and TV. If a screenplay doesn’t get commissioned it may want another life as a novel, or vice versa. I taught Creative Writing for years at various Universities, for different organisations and in different countries. I’ve also done a lot of professional script doctoring.

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