Reality TV drivel…

May 2009

Television drama plummets further into the doldrums. More contrived “reality” shows and awful celebrity programmes. I guess soon we’ll have The Torture Channel, Cooking for Cannibals, Celebrity Nosepicking Challenge. Ho hum. Just have to carry on and imagine a world where interesting, challenging and intriguing things are made, and do the best you can.

Had a great time writing a musical play for the Watermill Theatre, which ran from Nov 2008 to January 2009. Strong performances from the cast and intelligently directed by Jo Read. Good audiences and reviews. Quiet first night but then we were told afterwards that the Newbury Alzheimer’s Society occupied the front rows. After that it got moving and if ever you get a chance to visit the Watermill, do so. It’s one of the most picturesque places in England, and the theatre is full of atmosphere.

You do become a bit odd spending most of your time alone writing. It’s one of the things I most like about it. It’s only recently I’ve realised that I spend a lot of the day talking to myself aloud in different voices. Some of the characters behind those voices are more real than people I meet outside. A great barking black hole is never more than a heartbeat away.ople who say it’s going to change.

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