New website. New work. New life. Currently working on a detective novel to tie in with a TV idea. Hope the book will be out this year.

BREAKING BAD passed me by for a while but now a devoted fan – grown up drama with humour and a dark side. Owes a fair bit to Tarantino in its variety of tones. Great stuff.

Looking forward to doing my show CHAOS CARNAGE and KULTURE at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in late May early June. If anyone is in the area do come along. An hour and a half of irreverence and surprise. We’re also doing it at the Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich village Friday 26th April if anyone can make it to South London.

Teaching a course on starting and developing your novel at the SKYROS centre from …. The Skyros experience is worth having – Island of the Gods. This is where Icarus flew too high. In the little cobbled streets you hear mothers shout to their kids when it’s time to come in from play “Socrates!” and you’re back in an ancient civilization. Food is always beautiful. Retsina in the sun.



I have been a professional writer for 20 years. I wrote poetry, then stage plays, then radio work, then fiction, and TV and Film scripts, including adaptations of novels. It all connects – poetry helps you to think visually and to use words economically, both helpful for Film and TV. If a screenplay doesn’t get commissioned it may want another life as a novel, or vice versa. I taught Creative Writing for years at various Universities, for different organisations and in different countries. I’ve also done a lot of professional script doctoring.

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