Work and the moan…


July 2007


Had episode of The Bill on last week, but got the dates wrong so missed it. Just finished script-doctoring a Romanian film script which is to be made this summer. Finished a screenplay about teenage anger while the summer wind and rain whipped furiously outside and crashed down my back garden fence, making me angry that I had to prop the bastard thing up again but helping me to finish a scene in a different way – with my main character kicking down a back garden fence in a frenzy. He has become the wind, or vice versa. Dropped my mobile phone in bucket of water and had a desire to drop all the technology I own in said bucket. One day I’ll write a scene in which a character does just that.


Where’s the drama that entertains and makes you realize you can change the world? We need to keep trying to get exciting, original ideas commissioned and made. The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Simpsons, all landmarks in drama, and all American.



I have been a professional writer for 20 years. I wrote poetry, then stage plays, then radio work, then fiction, and TV and Film scripts, including adaptations of novels. It all connects – poetry helps you to think visually and to use words economically, both helpful for Film and TV. If a screenplay doesn’t get commissioned it may want another life as a novel, or vice versa. I taught Creative Writing for years at various Universities, for different organisations and in different countries. I’ve also done a lot of professional script doctoring.

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